Meet TariQ

Futurist|The Voice|MADman|Humanitarian

Tariq Qureishy is a futurist. He is a sought after keynote speaker, presenter & leadership professional. He is acknowledged as an authentic & candid presenter, with an open & entertaining style

He is currently the Co-Founder/CEO of Xponential Platform, a future enabling ecosystem that is focused on empowering individuals, boards & companies to thrive in the Future.

He has an illustrious background working in top leadership positions with great organizations like Dow Jones Markets, The Times & Bloomberg Media.

He has specialized knowledge about creativity & innovation, the impact of the brain & thinking, the transformation process for businesses & individuals.

 He connects the dots between the present & the future.

“We are now in the Imagination Age. In the future,
imagination and creativity will become the primary
creators of value in society.”

Timeline 1987-2030

“For the future of humanity, technological progress is only a part of the
equation. Trust is critical. Intellectual, spiritual and moral development is
as important for humans to thrive”

– Tariq Qureishy