Xponential Talks is the “Voice of the Future”!

It is a unique integrated video/audio podcast platform exploring, capturing and sharing Xponential stories of the Future.

We focus on sharing stories of some greatest players who will impact the Future;

  • people who have the greatest potential,
  • people who have great achievements and are now transforming themselves into the future
  • People who are completely ignoring the inevitable transformational tsunami about to hit them … and are in denial.

“Thought Leadership, Innovation, Technology & Humanity are the pillars
of Xponential Transformation & intercepting them is what
makes us ”Future Ready & Future Focused”.

The individual Xtalks and conversations will also explore the issues like;

  • Unlearning, Learning & Relearning about the Future from an Xponential Perspective.
  • Demystifying & Embracing Failure to thrive in the Transformation Decade.
  • Unraveling exponential technologies
  • Upskilling our mindset about Trust, Values & Ethics & unleashing the power of our brain.