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Introduction and Overview of the Future Choice Executive Briefing

Executive Future Readiness Briefing - Topics Covered

The WHY, the WHAT and the trends and impact. The awakening, the attributes required to succeed.

Allows you to explore disruption coming from outside the industry, by embracing new technologies and organizational techniques while maintaining your current business model.

Search-based methodologies geared towards finding the right value proposition and business model capable of disrupting a specific industry.

Building your innovation toolkit (Mind mapping as a creative tool, art of questioning, Listening as a new superpower, art & science of storytelling &

Reaching singularity. Practical toolkits. Aligning with mission. Open discussion. Diagnostic results & advice. Publish news of the future.

We take you on a journey into community building for new and existing businesses. We also look at why you should be building a community to engage your audience.

This is one of the most important aspects that we need to foundationally build into every new business

More Details to come soon

Key takeaways for professionals to build resilience post-COVID 19.

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A profound understanding and knowledge of an Exponential Future

Gain and utilize Essential Knowledge for your planning & budgeting for 2022

Helping you frame your Strategy, Internal L & D, and related future governance practices for 2022

Helping you frame your Strategy, Internal L & D, and related future governance practices for 2022

Meet your Futuristic Leaders

Tariq Qureishy

He has worked in top leadership roles for over 20 years at:

∙ Dow Jones Markets (Regional Director Europe/MEA), 1987-1999. (Finally heading a $1b +business, innovating platform, launching regionally and globally)

∙ The Times and Sunday Times (CEO/Publisher Middle East Africa), 2007-2009. (Launch to profitability in 2 years)

∙ Bloomberg Media (Regional Lead/Advisor -MEA), 2010-2015. (Launched Bloomberg TV in MEA & commercial expansion)

He is a leading financial & tech business professional focused on organizational & business transformation, both business and leadership at the board & strategy level for large organizations. He also supports young companies on Fintech & related services, tech & AI & other major tech. & business platforms.

He has helped to launch major products and strategy and is a respected communications expert & marketer.

Nezha Alaoui

Nezha counts 15 years of experience in international business development. She launched her career at the United Nations and had since then successfully led strategic development, impact driven campaigns for brands and companies expanding in the North African, Middle Eastern and US markets.

Awarded and recognized internationally for her work in Women’s empowerment, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Nezha has grown an international network of global key CEO’s, leaders, entrepreneurs and a community of 2,1 M on her social media. Nezha is best fitted in supporting a company in its global and business development approach as well as leading innovation driven strategies that include a community building component.

She is skilled at developing and overseeing the implementation of business development and strategic partnerships. Her expertise across various industries, gives her the ability to drive profitability while keeping an eye on risk communication and social impact