Fireside Chat with Hasnae Taleb, Entrepreneur, Financial Trader, World Peace Ambassador – UAE

Hasnae Taleb said, “That’s where success comes from. You have to throw yourself out there.”

Hasnae Taleb started her journey towards success from a very young age by going out of her comfort zone and pushing her beyond her limits. Today, she is an Entrepreneur, a Financial Trader, board member of the American Chamber of Commerce in the UAE, and World Peace Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, who is making a difference in the world through the knowledge she has acquired from a young age. She is one of the youngest billionaires in the making, an Exponential Woman, who strives hard to inspire youth, especially girls to reach for their dreams and help her make an impact in the world.

In her fireside chat with Tariq Qureishy, CEO and Founder of Xponential Group and MAD Talks, she takes us through her life journey in becoming a Financial Expert, the challenges she came across, and shares some great trading insights that can help take new traders a long way.

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