The fourth edition of Future Debates was held at the Capital Club Dubai this week where the topic of discussion was; Women on Boards – Should We Have Quotas?

The topic was discussed by industry experts; Regina von Flemming, Independent Director, MTS Mobile TeleSystems, and Rekha Mehr MBE, Ventures Consultant and Board Member, Foresight Group who were for the topic, while Mina Paul, Consultant Russell Reynolds, and Ayesha Sultan, Board Member, GCC Board Directors Institute were against the topic.

It was quite an interesting debate where both sides aptly conveyed and rebutted their points creating a traditional debating environment for the audience. In the end, Regina and Rekha, who were for the motion, were declared winners by the audience, suggesting that the importance of having quotas comes marginally ahead to give them a chance at leadership roles and bringing diversity to organizations.

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