The third edition of Future Debates was held at the Capital Club this week where the topic of discussion was; The Current Education is not preparing our youth for the future. The topic was discussed by industry experts; Russell Cailey, Managing Director of Think Learning Studio, and Raya Bidshahri, Founder & CEO of School of Humanity who were for the topic, while Tanvir Shah, Instructor, Harvard University and Founder, Career Buddy Club, and James Batts, Principal of Scholars International Academy was against the topic. Tariq Qurieshy moderated the debate as a chair. It made for an interesting debate where both sides aptly conveyed and rebutted their points creating a traditional debating environment for the audience. In the end, Raya and Russell who were for the motion were declared as the winners claiming that indeed the current education system is not preparing the youngsters for the future, hence the need to reinvent education and introduce alternate methods of learning has become a necessity.

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