To develop leaders who are ready and able to master the new operating environment.

A new Industrial Revolution is fundamentally changing the way the global economy is organised. Whereas steam power, electricity, and computers defined the first three, the next is being shaped by algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, mobile computing and the proliferation of inexpensive sensors collecting and interpreting terabytes of data.

Disruptive technologies are driving exponential growth for those who can master it, for others it spells disaster

Context and Overview by Shahid Din (Chairman, The Learning Initiative)


Leaders MUST

· Grow others
· Provide the personal & professional guidance each employee needs to assume increasing levels of responsibility in this digital world

To achieve this we need to reprogram ourselves to become  transformational Leaders, coaches, Learn Business Agility and Empower the workforce using TEECH

Transformation is all about creating the new future we see ahead of us and simply not just trying to do things faster. The People and Process side of things are very often overlooked with the buzz of ArtificiaI Intelligence, Data Science and Internet-of-Things but this is EXACTLY where we need to focus to get this right. After all, Transformation should be measurable and aligned to Business Results. 

We understand Digital Business Transformation and what it takes to be ready to embark on such a journey

  • Direction and Reality 
  • Transformational Mindset
  • What is the problem we are solving when we transform?
  • Execute

How you can become Future Ready by Tariq Qureishy (CEO, Xponential)


Selecting your Future Leaders runs deeper than simply identifying your top performers. The operational capabilities that once served them are no longer what going to take them into the future. 

Transformational Leadership Attributes are different!

 Future Leaders need to unlearn and relearn the new success patterns and in an era of machines it requires us to also have the TEECH attributes to ensure a successful future for them and also the organizations we entrust the run. 

We are moving into an era where we need to provide the machines with the guiding principles.

 Armed with the Mindset, the right attributes and knowledge, Tomorrows Leaders will change the world we operate in.

“Only when you know where you actually are… … then will you know where you need to go!”

- Tariq Qureishy

CEO & Co-Founder, Xponential

Outcomes and Benefits



Toolkits & frameworks

Get access to toolkits and frameworks practiced and verified by industry-experts to help you excel as a leader

Grow your network

Meet and learn with people from various industries, gain fresh perspectives from like-minded professionals who are on the same path as you

Live social learning

Learn together, in small intimate groups. a number of live workshops to learn directly from your peers and instructors

Hands-on learning

Learn by doing through role-playing exercises, active group discussions, prompts, and opportunities to collaborate with peers, all facilitated by Subject Matter Experts and Thought Leaders

Your Futuristic Leaders

Tariq Qureishy

He has worked in top leadership roles for over 20 years at:

Dow Jones Markets (Regional Director Europe/MEA), 1987-1999. (Finally heading a $1b +business, innovating platform, launching regionally and globally)

The Times and Sunday Times (CEO/Publisher Middle East Africa), 2007-2009. (Launch to profitability in 2 years)

Bloomberg Media (Regional Lead/Advisor -MEA), 2010-2015. (Launched Bloomberg TV in MEA & commercial expansion)

He is a leading financial & tech business professional focused on organizational & business transformation, both business and leadership at the board & strategy level for large organizations. He also supports young companies on Fintech & related services, tech & AI & other major tech. & business platforms.

He has helped to launch major products and strategy and is a respected communications expert & marketer.

As a global celebrity futurist speaker, he has done over 300 keynotes & 1500 interviews. He specializes in talks about the future, transformation, innovation & metamorphosis.

Shahid Din

Shahid Din (CEO and Founder, The Learning Initiative & Accelerate Training ) has worked on many innovative projects and programs supporting the likes of : 

∙ Daman Healthcare 

∙ Deutsche Bank

DIFC Authority 

∙ Emirates NBD

∙ JP Morgan

∙ Mashreq

∙ MacQuarrie Investment Group

∙ Noor Bank

∙ Noor Takaful

∙ Westpac

Shahid is an international award-winning Entrepreneurial Business Agility Leader with a passion to create, lead and advise disruptive organizations that create meaningful impact and has led organizations by inspiring a discipline of excellence in service to internal and external customers whilst ensuring delivery of business goals.

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